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We provide a platform to be PROACTIVE, instead of reactive, in the new world of online dating.
However, if you believe you have been a victim of a scam by someone you met online... CLICK HERE TO REPORT IT TO THE FBI

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Please take a look through the "Safety Tips" and "Wanted" pages. They are open to everyone. No subscription required.

We are very excited to be a FEATURED NEWS STORY with WHNT Channel 19! You can see the featured story here: North Alabama Woman Creates Website to Review Online Dates and Give Others Safety Warning About Individuals.

We have added a "WANTED!" page. The list is small but growing. Due to our growing Facebook page at: OnlineDateShare we have opened the WANTED! page to EVERYONE so you do not have to scroll through the business page. We will continue to post on Facebook and Twitter. Give us a "like" and "follow" on our page to get updates to persons wanted for crimes committed against people they met online in your feeds! Currently Alabama, Ohio and Tennessee persons wanted. All states that we have subscribers. We also have New York wanted. We are currently working on the other several states we have subscribers, also.

We have informative videos about how our membership/service works on YouTube. Each video is less than 5 minutes and watching all overviews/tutorials will take only 15 minutes. Click here to view the entire playlist on YouTube: OnlineDateShare Videos.

Our BLOGs are MUST READS to add to your saavy online dating arsenal!! See our older BLOGs, located further down the page, below. Click here to go directly to older blogs.

You need to protect your emotional, mental and physical health! Let us not forget that you also need to protect your financial well-being! Our motto "Be Smart with Your Heart" is NO JOKE! There is a new era born for scammers, fraudsters, abusers and cons with online dating. You need to protect yourself and your loved ones by approaching potential partners with great scrutiny.


This service is COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS and designed to supplement your online dating membership(s)* with useful tools and resources.

Currently this site can be used to supplement the following popular online dating memberships*:

  • Match® **
  • Plenty of Fish™
  • FarmersOnly®
  • Christian Mingle**
  • Our Time**

*Disclaimer: We are not associated with, nor sponsored by, any of the online dating companies mentioned on our site.
UPDATE October 2019!!: We have made it easier to handle the database input and searches for Match®, Christian Mingle and Our Time.
Click the links, below, to view the FAQ for more info.
**See   FAQ - Match   FAQ - Christian Mingle   FAQ - Our Time   for special instructions.

Your membership will include multiple tools and resources to help you navigate your online dating experiences. We have made this a "one-stop shop" to help you make your online dating experience more enjoyable. You will be able to:

  • Submit your experiences with specific online dating users. (whether you have met them in person, or not)
  • Search our database for specific online dating users to see what others have had to share.
  • Participate in our BLOGs dedicated to online dating tips, ideas, thoughts, etc.
  • Access news articles related to online dating.
  • Access to internet articles related to online dating.
  • Access to persons wanted page.

You will NOT be able to "troll" names and user id's. This site's databases are search specific. This is a feature we will not change in our efforts to protect our users, their posts and the users they create posts about.

This is a membership website. To use the multiple services/tools offered on this website you will need to register and pay a subscription. See, below, for more details!

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Membership is only $10/month to access ALL database categories This is a monthly subscription that automatically renews each month and you can cancel, anytime. There are NO REFUNDS... you MUST cancel prior to your renewal day. That is all there is to it! You can easily access the cancellation for your subscription in your account details page. Click here FAQ for canceling.

This site is maintained 100% in the United States.

We do NOT collect or store any of your financial information. We are a verified business using a trusted third party billing company.

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*Disclaimer: We are not associated with, nor sponsored by, any of the online dating companies mentioned on our site.


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