Advantages of Pandemic for Online Dating

We like to look on the positive side of things.

There are a lot of advantages with regard to the Coronavirus pandemic. Here are just a few…

1. Social distancing. Yep, basic social distancing. No huggy, no kissy, no snuggly. Keep it real folks and quit rushing into bad relationships. Physical attraction is good but think back to how instant attraction turned out for you, in the past. Time to get old school. Men need to act like gentlemen and women like ladies in this regard. We said it and it really does need to be said, today!

2. Get to know each other from a distance. Actually get to know each other. Have meaningful conversations in the chat of your online dating platform. Get to know each other and click on a level of interests, values, goals, etc. Take your time and be thoughtful of your selection process.

3. When you do meet, in person, use the Federal and State guidelines for health safety to create some intrigue. Yes… a little cat and mouse play. It will make things more exciting when this pandemic is over. This will also add another filter for your date time to show their true character before rushing into a relationship. REMEMBER… DO NOT MEET IN PRIVATE ever!

4. Keep your pants on. Literally. We will all get through this if we practice good health and hygiene through this difficult time. Too many people are rushing into intimacy these days. This is our chance to hit the reset button and get back to the old fashioned practices that had a much higher success rate for finding a real, and compatible mate. (Refer to last sentence in item #1, above.)

Happy Dating! Be safe and healthy!

OnDaSh Team

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