Handling the Holidays

The holidays are here and what a joyous time of year! Now for the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

The good:
Many people become kinder and more generous during the holidays. They are in good spirits. This can open people up to being more accepting of taking a chance on a relationship. Even eager to introduce new people into their lives. This can open the door to many more possibilities for folks that are currently single. There are more things to do, and events to attend, during this time in the fall/winter season. However, with the good can come the bad. Read on.

The bad:
The holidays can be very lonely for some. With the loneliness can come extreme emotional and physical vulnerability. You need to do a self-check and make sure you are not acting in desperation. Some people desperately want companionship during the holiday season and this can be dangerous. Many times folks will “settle” for a partner they know is not a good match. We strongly discourage this as it usually ends in disaster. Personally I would rather spend the holidays alone and satisfied than picking up the pieces of destruction when the holidays are gone. Just a little food for thought.

It also seems that people who are currently in an unhappy relationship come out of the cracks and crevices this time of year. You need to exercise due diligence by doing your research to make sure you do not get caught up with someone already in a committed relationship. Be careful to watch for red flags such as they only chat/text during weekday work hours and are unavailable during evenings and weekends. Make sure you actually TALK to them not just texting. Anyone can answer a chat/text with their significant other present. Are they always missing your call and calling you back? Does it sound like they are outside, driving or in the bathroom every time you talk on the phone? Be aware of surroundings. This is just to name a few of the red flags you should be watching/listening for.

Let’s face it… while many people feel generous and loving there are bad actors out there waiting to exploit your kindness and generosity. They have gotten very good at it. Both foreign scammers and local players. We strongly encourage you to act with caution. Foreign scammers will play on your sympathies. They will always have a sob story playing on your generosity this time of year. For the persons you have actually met in person from your online dating platform you really, really, need to follow the standards we have outlined on the “Tips” page. You can review these by clicking here.

Side Note:
Be very, very, careful having someone new meet your family and friends. When these worlds collide it can be great if you have the right person. It can also be disasterous if you have a player/thug. So best rule of thumb is this… if you have not known them IN PERSON for at least 3 (three) months do not have your worlds collide. This is to protect you, your family/friends, and your property.

The holiday season is a joyous time of year and it is also the season to get jacked. Be proactive!

Peak season for scammers, players and thugs is mid-November through February.

Merry Christmas and Happy Dating!!


OnDaSh Team

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